Spicy Meatballs Stuffed with Quail Eggsspon-post

The first cookbooks I bought after I left my parental home were a strange mix: Chinese food, Indian food and a book about cooking food with a microwave.

Having learned the staples of our Dominican cuisine at my mother’s side, I was ready to explore something new. Needless to say, for a while my roommates had to endure my endless experiments with “exotic” cuisine.  One of the recipes that caught my eye was an Indian dish consisting of meatballs stuffed with eggs.  Unfortunately I didn’t feel confident enough to tackle Indian cuisine.

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Minced Beef with Vegetables a la Dominicana

Finishing this Minced Beef with Vegetables before my daughter returned from school brought to my mind a conversation we had about a year ago, possibly after the umpteenth time I told her to either not waste food, or to turn off the lights when she left a room. You know, the same things our mothers nagged us about when we were kids.

– “Mommy, are we poor?”

– “No, we’re not.”

– “Does that mean we’re rich?”

Darn kids, and their existential questions at inconvenient times.

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Ponche de Chocolate Recipe (Chocolate Eggnog)

It’s the last day of the year! Where has time gone?

This has been a bumpy ride of a year for our family. The lows have been very low, and the highs pretty up there. Despite the losses and the headaches there’s always a reason to toast to a new year. As a chocolate lover myself, nothing beats a toast with Ponche de Chocolate (Chocolate Eggnog). Join me.

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Pasteles en Hoja de Yuca (Cassava and Chicken Pockets)

I bet half of our readers are knee-deep in food right now, and the other half obsessing about what food will be on the table tomorrow. And on many of those tables, Pasteles en Hoja de Yuca (Cassava and Chicken Pockets) will be one of the stars of the evening.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and no other occasion in our culinary culture packs as much significance. It’s a time for families (and friends) to get together and share probably the biggest, fanciest meal they’ll have the entire year.

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If you love mofongo--and who doesn't--you'll squee with glee when you try this Camarofongo (Lighter, Non-Fried Garlicky Plantain and Shrimp).

We all know and love the classic mofongo, but that ball of garlicky goodness has a bajillion calories (rounding up). I am here to bring the kind of life-changing good news that one hopes to get this time of the year: This Camarofongo (light, non-fried version of shrimp mofongo) is every bit as good as the real thing, if not better.

If I had any doubts, they were put to rest yesterday.

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