Sour and sweet pork with pineapplespon-post

It’s that time of the year again, or so I am reminded by the commercials interrupting my TV viewing. You know, Valentine’s Day.

I can’t be bothered to care.

You know how I demonstrate my love to my dear husband? I cook meat for him. Yeah, I almost never eat meat, but I don’t mind cooking it for my meat-lover half. I even work hard on getting better at my meat-cooking skills, and am always creating new dishes for him. Like this sour and sweet pork with pineapple, which he loved the first time (when testing the recipe), and the second time (when I photographed it).

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Passion fruit cheesecake

Passion fruit cheesecake

Let me tell you something, this is one of my favorite recipes of all time. I’m not exaggerating even a little bit.

I’ve tried and enjoyed about a dozen versions of passion fruit cheesecake, each great, but I wanted to make my own version, with the touches I love. This is the result.

I made it three times before finally writing the recipe, then made it three more times afterwards. Because I love it just that much. I even posted these pictures on Instagram months ago. Few recipes on this blog have been so well-tested, tasted and refined. The fact that I love it and can have it any day had a lot to do with that.

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Sancocho de mariscos (seafood stew)

Did you know that some of the recipes I post have been weeks or even months in the making? This is one of them.

Sometimes I go through periods where I would cook up a storm, and create and test several recipes at the same time. They sit there until I have the time to post them, or as backup content in case I run into any problem and cannot work for a while.

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Tocino (salted meat)spon-post

And I am back!

After nearly three weeks of practicing the art of barajar (doing nothing), I don’t really feel relaxed as much as I feel just… lazy. I could get used to this. I cooked a lot, tried a few new recipes (that I will share with you in the future), and spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my daughter.

And speaking of daughters, this tocino de chivo (salted goat meat) is a recipe that has been passed in my family all the way from my great-grandmother.

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Potato with yogurt dressing and happy New Year!

If you’ve been paying any attention — and frankly, why would you? — you’ll have noticed that I’ve taken a short hiatus from blogging and social media. I want to reassure my many (as many as two) fans that I’m not going anywhere. I just needed a break.

I haven’t taken a real vacation in a long, long time. Even when I’m supposedly on vacation I work. The change of scenery sure makes it easy, but I’m never away, never really disconnected. Since my daughter has been on school break I’ve gone AWOL from work. The holiday rush was over, clients’ work was done, billed, and I found myself completely drained of energy. Time to recharge. Time to make a little girl happy.

But I couldn’t pass the occasion to come back to wish you our dear readers a very happy New Year!

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