Arepa Salada (Dominican Savory Cornbread) is one of our most beloved dishes, and can be served in a variety of ways, from breakfast to side dish.

The first time we try a dish and the circumstances in which we do it have a huge impact on how much we like and how well we remember it, even many years later. The aroma or taste of it often transports us back to that time. It can be a harbinger of warm, happy memories, or of feelings of revulsion. Just ask any adult what he thinks of that dish he was made to eat as a child.

How nice that most people who have tried Arepa Salada (Dominican Savory Cornbread) get that same feeling of excitement, discovery and anticipation that is usually associated with a food that many of us first encountered on road trips.

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Somewhere between a panna cotta and a flan, this rich, creamy Café con Dulce de Leche  (Fudge Latte) Pudding combines two of my favorite things in the world: coffee and dulce de leche.spon-post

Some weeks ago a reader asked on Facebook if we would eventually add sushi recipes to our blog. The answer is “probably never”, and it has to do a lot with a dessert we called Café con Dulce de Leche (Latte) Pudding.

Once a food enthusiast reads the recipe he/she’ll notice that this is very similar to a certain Italian dessert, but were I call it by its original name I’d be walking into a minefield.

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For when you crave a good pasta dish, but would prefer something lighter, this is a great compromise. You'll love this Tomato and Tortellini Soup.

Summer is coming! So, let’s hear it for the last soup of the season. Maybe.

Much as I love my soups, and I have written about my love of soups many times, soon the weather will make eating soup the kind of thing I wouldn’t do for fun. This Tomato and Tortellini Soup was bouncing around my head for many months, so I had to get done testing and tasting before summer makes daytime Sahara look like a vacation in the Alps.

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Casssava Bread Tortilla Breakfast made with cassava bread and topped with scrambled eggs and sauteed tomatoes and onion. Simple and filling.

Growing up we always had Casabe (Cassava Bread) at home. Despite the simplicity of its preparation (see recipe here), its inexpensiveness, and its very mild taste, casabe is a great snack. Versatile even.

This Casssava Flat Bread Breakfast ties in with some of my many experiments on how to make casabe appealing to the unsophisticated taste of the kid I was.

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Getting to the Root of It - A Guide to Dominican Tubers

It’s no exaggeration to describe tubers, root vegetables (tubérculos, raíces or víveres in Spanish) as iconic Dominican foods. If they were more photogenic they could easily claim a spot on the Dominican flag (not the edible variety) alongside the other national symbols featured there, if a vacancy were to arise.

In standard Spanish, the common name used for tubers in the DR, víveres, actually means the basic foodstuffs that are needed for survival. This gives us some idea of the importance of tubers for Dominicans. It also reminds me of the way the word for bread in Egyptian Arabic, aish, means life.

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