Shakshuka: Eggs on Tomato SauceShakshuka (eggs on tomato sauce) is one of those dishes that have made so many rounds on the internet that you’re likely to have seen it elsewhere. Trying it for the first time, on the other hand, makes you wonder just why you haven’t made it before. Such a simple idea, such a great little dish.

Also spelled shakshouka, the name is also used in Arabic to describe any type of mixture. Its origins are a matter of debate, but the most accepted version is that it is of Tunisian origin — it’s also known and loved in Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt — and was brought to Israel by Tunisian Jews. It is a popular breakfast dish, but can also be served for dinner.

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Lemon Cake with Cream Cheese and Lime Frosting Recipe

The recipe for this Lemon cake with Cream Cheese Lime Frosting is probably one of the most extensively tested recipes in our blog. A couple of weeks back I even shared with my social media followers a couple of pictures of a very nice-looking version no. 3, which unfortunately, I found, was still lacking. This is version no. 4, and I am finally happy with it.

But let’s talk about lime and lemons, a source of confusion between countries that is not likely to solve itself any time soon.

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Rice with Lentils (Mejadra)

The name is Mejadra, a popular dish in the Middle East. And when an Instagram follower made the immediate connection that this Rice with Lentils and Fried Onions looks a lot like our Moro, she figured out exactly why right after trying it I decided I needed to share it with you. The story of how and where I first tried this dish is also worth telling…

A few weeks ago I received a message with an invitation that I almost turned down due to prior family commitments. It would have been with a heavy heart though, as this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Luckily, both my husband and Ilana persuaded me to change my mind, so I embarked on a trip to learn about the food and people of one of the world’s most iconic countries: Israel.

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Asopao de Pollo Recipe (Chicken and Rice Pottage)

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that we didn’t publish our usual weekly post last week. I apologize for that, and there was a reason for it: I was traveling.

More on that later, but for now I hope that this recipe for Asopao de Pollo (Chicken and Rice Pottage) — a very popular Dominican dish — will make up for my temporary absence.

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Spicy Meatballs Stuffed with Quail Eggsspon-post

The first cookbooks I bought after I left my parental home were a strange mix: Chinese food, Indian food and a book about cooking food with a microwave.

Having learned the staples of our Dominican cuisine at my mother’s side, I was ready to explore something new. Needless to say, for a while my roommates had to endure my endless experiments with “exotic” cuisine.  One of the recipes that caught my eye was an Indian dish consisting of meatballs stuffed with eggs.  Unfortunately I didn’t feel confident enough to tackle Indian cuisine.

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