There's no better summer dessert than popsicles, and these Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla Popsicles are very creamy, like eating a frozen pudding.

When I told you I had a long list of popsicle ideas I was going to work on I wasn’t exaggerating even a little bit. It’s what summers are for.

These Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla Popsicles are incredibly creamy, as creamy as any store-bought popsicle you can find, but made at home, where you can enjoy it any time you want. They are also very easy and quick to make.

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Longaniza is a spiced pork sausage made with no artificial preservatives. This Caseless Dominican Longaniza Recipe makes it easy to cook it at home.

Dominican Longaniza (Spicy Pork Sausage) is a very popular meat in the Dominican Republic as well as in many other former Spanish colonies. As sausages go, longaniza is a very simple one, although recipes vary from country to country, even from one sausage-maker to another.

Longaniza was traditionally stuffed into a casing made of a pig’s lower intestines (after being thoroughly washed and cleaned), but nowadays industrially-made longaniza is usually stuffed into artificial casing.

I remember my grandmother used to make it and would dry it in the sun as a way of preserving it. Both fresh and cured longaniza are available at any Dominican supermarket and road stand.

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Based on our most popular breakfast dish, we've made these Mangú (Plantain) Breakfast into cute bites perfect to serve at a buffet.

Every time I make mangú at home my daughter can’t hide her excitement. She might be half-Danish, but she’s 100% Dominican. Luckily, my husband seems to like it too, and I don’t have to tell you how much I love it. I even make it for lunch sometimes, and always have to control my urge to lick the plate clean.

These Mangú (Plantain) Breakfast Bites are just incredible, juicy, smooth and pretty enough to be served in a refined manner. The only problem might be having to elbow your way to the buffet table before there are none left.

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Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding) is one of our favorite dishes, and if you love it too, you'll agree with us that these Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding) Popsicles are just amazing.

If you have been around for a while, you have probably noticed how our cooking changes as summer approaches, we post fewer recipes of soups, fewer dishes that require long cooking, simpler, more refreshing recipes, and we go crazy with the paletas.

May I interest you in an Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding) Popsicle?

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Do you love the taste of smoked fall-off-the-bone ribs? Now make this Tender Smoky Ribs with Spicy Rum BBQ Sauce at home and be merry.

Nobody can say that I rush into things. For the most part. I seem to take my darn time to do anything that I’m not contractually obligated to do. I’m a bit of a procrastinator perfectionist that way. It’s the only way to explain why I’m posting a recipe now that I started testing two years ago, photographed over a month ago, and writing now about a trip that I returned from weeks ago. Let’s hear it for procrastination… tomorrow, maybe.

The good thing is that you can be confident that this Tender Smoky Ribs with Spicy Rum BBQ Sauce recipe has been very extensively tested and much enjoyed in this home. It’s one of the meat recipes that I am proudest of. You’ll see why.

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