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  1. RVicioso
    May 16, 2011

    Great article! very interesting to learn more about the Dominican Food.

  2. Roberta Glynis Lopez
    February 16, 2012

    Very interesting reading enjoyed it all some much, the whole website is brilliant thank you.

    • Regalii.com
      May 7, 2012

      I love dominican food!! Does anyone know of any good Dominican restaurants in NYC?

      • Ron
        May 17, 2012

        NYC is the heart of the Dominican population in the US. There are a lot of good restaurants in upper Manhattan (Washington Heights). You can start at around 145th and Broadway and go all the way to 211st. I would think around 183rd street and St. Nicholas you would find many. I haven't been there in a while, but there was Rancho Jubilee in Washington Heights (190th St. & Broadway), not sure if it's open still. In Queens Gran Rancho Jubilee close to LaGuardia Airport, same family, beautifull rest. A lot of small restaurants along Broadway and St. Nicholas Ave. with great authentic Dominican food.

      • Aunt Clara
        May 17, 2012

        Thanks, Ron!

      • Yaritsa Rodriguez
        June 11, 2012

        La Casa Del Mofongo in Washington Heights. there are more Restaurants in Washington Heights. that the Dominican hood.

  3. Rita
    July 26, 2012

    It seems to me that lately the recipes on this site are becoming less Dominican.

    • Aunt Clara
      July 26, 2012

      Rita, first I’d like to thank you for sticking around long enough that you’ve noticed the changes. How long have you been visiting us? Maybe you don’t remember, but we always had a huge collection of dishes that were not exactly what I’d call “Dominican”. We used to have dishes like pizza, ceviche, paella and a lot of other dishes that although not “Dominican” are still quite popular in our country. In fact we culled out most of these recipes, although I am planning on revisiting later.

      The difference now is that we are more upfront about it, instead of putting them on the side we now feature non-traditional dishes. And something else: I always did, but now I am adding more recipes of my own making, all inspired by Dominican cuisine and all with ingredients familiar to us. I guess a more accurate description would be: “sabores dominicanos” (Dominican flavors). After all most of our readership (urbanites) hardly eats traditional Dominican food every day. You can see which dishes we have decided are “traditional” because we also provide the Spanish name. And because we almost always mention the provenance of a dish somewhere in the post.

      An example would be Dragon Fruit in Ginger Syrup. Dragon fruit grows wild in our country, and only recently started appearing in supermarkets. Fruits in syrup (en almibar) are common here, I just decided to make it with a fruit that is not as well known. Ours is, after all, a personal blog, we never intended to become the “authority” on Dominican cuisine. We just happen to have been here longer and have a larger collection of traditional recipes. Or check this one for a longer explanation on how we decide to call some dishes “Dominican”: http://www.dominicancooking.com/5310-carrot-and-cabbage-salad.html

      Aunt Clara’s Kitchen has always been the title of our site. I hope people would forgive me for treating them to the dishes that I cook in my kitchen. :)

      Thanks again for visiting us. And thanks for asking the question that made me decide to put all this in writing. Let me know if you have any other ideas. I’d love to hear them.

  4. Eric
    May 22, 2013

    What is the name of the simple biscuit (starts with b ) made in Dominicia?

  5. Herminia Rendón
    April 17, 2014

    Some people think they invented it all…Dominicans can cook. I take after my mom and we eat good everyday. I also take after my dad my Cuban mya he R.I.P. great cook as well…and my Puerto Rican side can cook also…I have the best all world….and I can take that to the bank lol

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