QUESO FRITO (Fried Cheese)

Queso frito (Dominican fried cheese) is quite a treat in itself, and an important component of Los Tres Golpes, the traditional Dominican breakfast meal.

– 1 pound queso de freir  [0.23 kg] – ⅓ cup oil for frying



Cut the cheese into 12 slices (2" x 3", ¼" thick, approx). Pat dry the cheese with a paper towel to minimize splatters.

Heat the oil

Heat the oil over medium-high heat[350 ºF or 175 ºC] in a medium pan, and fry the cheese on one side until it turns golden brown (fry one slice first to see if it fries well, see notes if it doesn't).


Turn and repeat. Do not add many slices at the same time as the oil must remain very hot to prevent the cheese from staying in the oil for too long.


Serve hot.

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