Homemade Gifts Ideas

Secret Santas? Family gift exchanges? I have the solution for you. Here are some ideas for inexpensive homemade edible gifts so you can treat your family and friends. From candy and sweet snacks to savory surprises, you'll love these DIY food gifts for your foodie friends.

Make a good batch of it, and pack it in repurposed jam jars you've saved (after you've cleaned and dried them thoroughly) or mason jars. Add a small wooden spoon (optional) to the gift. You'll be remembered every time the recipient cooks with this healthy, natural sazón.


I have no idea how Danish butter cookies came to be so popular in our country for Christmas. Some time ago I posted the recipe for some superb homemade traditional Danish butter cookies. Reuse a tin container, big jars, or make this handmade gift bag, which is perfect for packing them (make sure to put them in a zippy bag before).


This is not your typical supermarket peanut butter. First of all, you can spell all the ingredients, second, it's sugar-free, and third, it's spicy. Yes, spicy. And crazy good. I call it "peanut butter for grownups". Put it in a pretty jar for a beautiful gift, and maybe add some homemade casabe (or store-bought) to your gift.


There is a whole cottage industry in the Dominican Republic whereby women (there could be men, but I've never met one) make delicious varieties of eggnog and sell them to be given as gifts. The decorations are incredible. The link above is for the traditional rum eggnog, but you can pick from Coffee eggnog, Chocolate eggnog, and even a Vegan eggnog.


Everybody hates fruitcakes, so forget about that. How about a combination of one of our traditional Christmas flavors (with spices like ginger and cinnamon) and one of our beloved ingredients (coconuts). Who can say no to that?


There are so many pretty bottles and jars we can save, then make this flavorful seasoning. Click on the recipe to see the pretty jar I made for it. You'll be in their mind every time they go "ooohh, aaaah!" after a few drops of this elixir of the gods in their food.

agrio de naranja

This is an unusual jam, but one you'll try once and love forever. Check the recipe and look at the pictures of that beautifully decorated jar. Wouldn't you love to receive something so obviously made with love?


Look at these beautifully wrapped lollipops! Imagine biting through the hard caramel shell into a creamy, luscious filling of coconut fudge. Bring them into your office and become the most popular person of the year.


Mandarin orange is a fruit that in a Dominican's mind is a reminder of Christmas. This mandarin liqueur is, in the words of a reader, "a refined way to deliver rum". I'll take his word for it. This is the perfect drink for the holiday season.


There's no possible way you will give this to a Dominican, and they won't appreciate it. This is perfect for those days short on time when they'd love some Dominican flavor in their food. Save some pretty jars and go around spreading the joy of Dominican flavor like a fairy godmother of scrumptiousness.


An instant Chocolate de agua mix is an idea you may not have thought about. Prepare a jar with the dry ingredients: powdered or solid dark chocolate, sugar, and spices for making this traditional, fragrant dairy-free hot cocoa. The recipient will just have to boil the hot chocolate mix to make it!


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