Re-cover a bulletin board with scrap fabric

How to Re-cover a Bulletin Board

Reprettify an old, ugly bulletin board with your favorite fabric scraps and a little bit of sewing.
Author Clara Gonzalez



  • Fabric scraps
  • Ribbon
  • Silicone glue


  • First I measured the board carefully and came up with the number of pieces I wanted. Just a matter of taste here, but I went with 3 x 4 rectangles. I then added some allowance since I had to sew the pieces.
  • I made a cardboard rectangle the size of the fabric rectangles I’d use and marked the fabric with a vanishing ink marker. Then I cut all the pieces.
  • I cut all the rectangles from the fabric scraps and arranged them in the order I most liked.
  • I sewed the fabric rectangles together making sure I kept the flaps flattened-open when sewing over. That way there would be no bumps later. I’ve never quilted anything, so I supposed this is Quilting 101 for some of you.
  • I pressed the whole thing making sure the seams were really flat in the end.
  • I used the staple gun to secure it to the board. The cork is deep enough that the staples wouldn’t pass through. I made sure the fabric was really taut.
  • I covered the staples with ribbon, which I glued with liquid silicone. I temporarily pinned the corners until they were dry and flat. Then I hung it back on the wall.