Farina, or Cream of Wheat is known as 'Harina del negrito' in the DR and it is a very popular breakfast dish with kids and even adults. What makes this farina recipe such a special comforting dish is its combination of spices.

– 3 cup milk (whole or skim) – 1½ cup farina, (cream of wheat) – ½ teaspoon salt – ½ teaspoon vanilla extract – 3 sticks cinnamon – ¼ teaspoon clove powder – ½ cup sugar (white, granulated) – 2 tablespoon butter (salted) – ¼ teaspoon nutmeg (freshly-grated)


Step 1:

- In a medium-sized saucepan combine milkcream of wheat, salt, vanillacinnamon sticks, clove powder, 2 cups of water, and half the sugar. - Stir until the sugar has dissolved and taste (it's safe to do so), add more sugar if you find it necessary (I found ½ cup too sweet, but too sweet is the preferred sweetness for some people, so do it to your taste). - Let it rest for 5 minutes.

Step 2:

- Heat over medium heat stirring constantly to prevent it from sticking to the pot. - When it breaks the boil, add butter and lower the heat to very low. Simmer stirring until it reaches the desired consistency, taking into consideration it will get much thicker when it cools down. I suggest a thick but still liquid consistency.

Step 3:

- Remove from the heat and pour into individual servings, and sprinkle with the nutmeg. Serve warm.

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