Ensalada rusa or ensalada mixta (potato salad) is one of our most popular recipes and a favorite salad at all our celebrations and holiday meals. It cannot be left out of our Christmas and New Year's feasts, and it's a favorite at parties, parrilladas, and fun family get-togethers.

– 1 pound potatoes, [0.45 kg] I prefer Yukon or any other waxy potato – 2 large carrots – 3 egg (medium) – 2 teaspoons salt, or more, to taste (divided) – 1 medium beetroot, (optional) – 1 apple, (any variety) – 1 medium red onion – 2 tablespoons vinegar – ½ cup sweet corn, (optional) – ½ cup green peas, blanched or canned (optional) – ½ cup mayonnaise


Step 1:

After 12 minutes have passed, remove the eggs from the water and continue boiling the carrots and potatoes until they are cooked through.Place the potatoes, carrots, and eggs in a large pot and add enough water to cover them (and extra). Add a tablespoon of salt.

Step 2:

Boil the beetroot in a different pot until it's cooked through and tender (check doneness with a fork). Do not use beetroot if you are going to use apple in the salad.

Step 3:

Once cooled to room temperature, peel potatoes, carrots, eggs, apple (or beetroot), and dice into small cubes.

Step 4:

 Mince the onion, add vinegar and let it rest until it's time to mix with the rest of the ingredients (at least 10 minutes). Discard the vinegar. This will make the onion less pungent.

Step 5:

Mix potatoes, carrots, eggs, beetroot, onion, corn, and peas. Add mayonnaise and mix. Season with salt to taste.

Step 6:

Keep salad chilled at all times until it's time to consume unless you'll serve it shortly after finishing it. You can either serve chilled or at room temperature, depending on your preferences.

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