Mangú, or Dominican mashed plantains, is one of Dominicans' most beloved dishes, the base of "Los Tres Golpes", the most complete and complex breakfast of our gastronomy.

To make mangu – 2 plantain (green, unripe) – 1½ teaspoons salt – 4 tablespoons butter, or olive oil, whichever you prever To make onion garnish – 2 tablespoon olive oil – 2 red onion, large – 1 tablespoon fruit vinegar – salt



Peel the plantains (see how-to) and cut lengthwise, then divide each half into two. You can remove the center where the seeds are located (optional, this is just my preference for a smoother mangú).


Boil the plantains in enough water to cover them plus an inch until they are very tender, having added the salt to the water before the water breaks the boil.


Remove the plantains from the water and mash them right away with a fork until they are very smooth and there are few to no lumps (be careful not to burn yourself).


Mix in butter, and progressively add a cup of water at room temperature and keep mashing and mixing until it turns into a very smooth puree.


Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet over low heat. Add onions and cook and stir until they become translucent. Pour in vinegar and season with salt to taste.


Garnish mangu with the onions and serve per suggestions above.

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