Zucchini boats filled with rice and chorizo

I love creating recipes, it’s the closest to being a kid with a chemical set you can be after you are legally able to drive.

My favorite recipes come out of any sort of challenge. In this case I found myself with a pack of chorizo that I had in the fridge for a while, and needed to use before its expiration date. I wanted something new, and that would balance the high caloric content in chorizo.

So how about a one-dish meal? That’s how this zucchini boats filled with rice and chorizo came about.

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Coconetes (rustic coconut cookies)Coconetes (rustic coconut cookies) are very popular in the Dominican Republic. You can walk to any colmado (corner store) and you will in all likelihood find them.

The reason I have called them rustic coconut cookies is because they have a rustic texture, a little bit on the dry side. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t full of flavor, after all with all that coconut it’s impossible not to be delicious.

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Spiced wild rice mix with cauliflower

We Dominicans love rice. It’s no wonder that we hear “it’s not lunch without rice” all the time.

The sad thing is that we always stick to the same kind of rice. The long-grain rice that is used in traditional Dominican cooking is one of about 40,000 varieties of the grain. You read right, 40,000!

What I love in this spiced wild rice mix with cauliflower — besides the lovely flavor — is that it includes 4 of these less-known varieties. And I didn’t have to mix anything. It all comes in a jar of RiceSelect Royal Blend rices.

How convenient.

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Peanut and Fruit Bars

Peanut and fruit energy bar

Sometimes I crave something sweet when out and about. Unfortunately there aren’t many good choices on the supermarket aisles – not every energy or granola bar is the same.

I’m always looking for good alternatives, preferably homemade, because the commercial ones are either cloyingly sweet, or taste like sawdust. I love nuts (hey, you are what you eat!), and peanuts are one of my favorites, plus readily available. So how about making my own bars? “I bet I can!” I said to myself. And now we are obsessed with these peanut and fruit bars at home.

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Caramelized onion tart with cheese crust


Let me tell you a story of friendship and the internet, while we share a slice of this rustic caramelized onion tart with cheese crust. For the story of how I came to share it with you has more to do with the internet than you can imagine.

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