Peanut and Fruit Bars

Peanut and fruit energy bar

Sometimes I crave something sweet when out and about. Unfortunately there aren’t many good choices on the supermarket aisles – not every energy or granola bar is the same.

I’m always looking for good alternatives, preferably homemade, because the commercial ones are either cloyingly sweet, or taste like sawdust. I love nuts (hey, you are what you eat!), and peanuts are one of my favorites, plus readily available. So how about making my own bars? “I bet I can!” I said to myself. And now we are obsessed with these peanut and fruit bars at home.

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Caramelized onion tart with cheese crust


Let me tell you a story of friendship and the internet, while we share a slice of this rustic caramelized onion tart with cheese crust. For the story of how I came to share it with you has more to do with the internet than you can imagine.

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Whole wheat banana pancakes

Whole wheat banana pancakes

I’m sitting in one of the many waiting rooms in which modern humans waste a considerable amount of their lives.

A worn-out National Geographic I found there keeps me company. I wonder what kind of germs reside between its pages, but I soon push the thought aside, as other things occupy my mind: How much longer will I be here? How do they keep the floor so shiny? Will the whole-wheat banana pancakes I made for breakfast before I left be OK to eat when I get back home?

I hate waiting rooms, with their uncomfortable chairs that remind me of every second spent there.

Tick, tock. 5340 seconds.

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Berenjenas guisadas con cerdo (braised pork and eggplants)

If I were to write a book titled All the Things I Know Little to Nothing About, anthropology would be there somewhere.

Even so, I am going out on a limb and say that a country’s socio-economical situation must influence its culinary culture. To me it seems self-evident.

This would explain why dishes like this berenjenas guisadas con cerdo (braised pork and eggplants) and other similar ones are so popular in our country. Meat is expensive, adding vegetables to meat dishes means dishes that are filling, and don’t require as much meat.

It’s a lucky coincidence that this is exactly what doctors naggingly recommend.

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Potato, zucchini and cheese casserole

This week we were hit by a tropical storm. Luckily, besides having been rained in and on for four days, nothing else happened.

The good side of it is that the temperature dropped low enough that I could use my oven without the whole place feeling like midday in the Sahara.

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