Guava, ricotta and vanilla cheese tart

One thing I am very proud of our country is the devotion Dominicans have for their traditional cuisine. No matter our economic status, comfort food is always Dominican food to us.

But Dominicans are opening their palate to new things, and the internet has played a part in it. When we started this project of writing about food and life in the Dominican Republic there few to none other Dominican websites dedicated to food. This has changed, and there are many excellent Dominican culinary blogs out there.

And Dominicans don’t only visit Dominican blogs and websites, there is a wealth of recipes out there. Never has it been easier to access great recipes for free. Isn’t the internet beautiful?

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Vegan Pumpkin Eggnog

Vegan pumpkin eggnogspon-post

So I have an obsession with veganizing (is that a real word?) traditional recipes. I have gone through a few now, and they are always well-received amongst my vegan readers. Of course I love them myself, as I prefer to eat as close to vegetarian as I can, with the occasional indulgence.

For very loose definitions of “occasional”, that is.

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Spiced Winter Coffee

Spiced winter coffeespon-post

If there is any clear division in the world it has to be between tea and coffee drinkers. The (feigned) animosity between the two groups is stronger than between any two political parties, sport teams, or neighboring countries.

I have my feet firmly planted on the dividing line. Coffee is my first love, tea my refuge. After I had to cut on my coffee consumption a couple of years ago, I still have my morning coffee, it’s a habit more than a necessity.

This spiced winter coffee is the love child of coffee and tea: coffee beans and a spice mix steeped slowly, mixed with Kahlúa and served warm topped with whipped cream. It almost felt sinful as I sipped it.

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Puff pastry mini-tarts filled with pineapple and coconutspon-postYay, another mini-dessert!

This isn’t the first mini-dessert that I post, or the first mini-tart either. I am a little obsessed with bite-sized desserts, they look dainty, refined. But they are also a guilt-free way to have that little bit of sweet in our lives.

And I absolutely loved these. What’s not to love in these puffy mini-tarts filled with coconut and pineapples and topped with a cute meringue rosette. It’s like a bit of all our favorite things in a bite.

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Beef stew with red wine using a pressure cooker

Tis’ the season for soup, fa lala lala la!

This is my favorite part of the year, and I wished it lasted for 11 months. It has nothing to do with carols, shiny lights or gifts. It’s all about the weather, crazy as that may sound to those living at the top and bottom of the planet. Sub 30 ºC [68 ºF] temperatures? Count me in! Eating soup without feeling like a boiled lobster? Yes, please! Baking without nearly fainting from heat exhaustion? You betcha!

I am cooking up a storm! And this beef stew with red wine made in the pressure cooker is my favorite soup to serve to my carnivorous lesser half these days. It’s all that is good and rightful with winter, and it doesn’t take hours to cook.

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