Easy Rice and Quail Eggs Saladspon-post

Often the lunches that our kids prefer are not necessarily the best or most nutritious. We have to balance their tastes with what’s good for them. I have found that the easiest way to negotiate with them is to involve them in the preparation.

You may think that a dish that includes the words “salad” and “healthy” in its description will be the subject of protests and nose-flinching by the little ones. It doesn’t have to be so, get them involved in the making of this colorful Easy Rice and Quail Eggs Salad for Kids and your kids will be singing its praises.

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Sandwichon / Sanduchon Recipe (Sandwich Cake)

Summer is soon to end, and so is our vacation.

During all this summer we’ve shared recipes that require little to no cooking, and I think I may have started a tradition in our blog, I think the idea of summer-friendly recipes will continue for years to come. This particular dish, though popular in our country and many other Hispanic countries, is also inspired by a Scandinavian tradition. We know this as Sandwichon (Sandwich Cake), Swedes know and love it as smörgåstårta.

And if you’ve never served this to your guests, it’s about time you do.

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Shrimp and Mango Ceviche Salad

Summer is chugging along, and we continue our series of light summer dishes that require little to no cooking, and are perfect for the season. What’s not to love about that?

This time we have a dish based on a South American classic that has spread the world over. You’ll love this Shrimp and Mango Ceviche Salad.

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Oatmeal and Strawberry Popsicle

Like every summer, we try to escape the heat in our beloved Caribbean corner by heading for cooler climates. Aunt Ilana and I have been writing our “What I Did This Summer” reports for over a decade. I am looking forward to hearing what Ilana has been up to this year, but in the meantime this is what I have been up to: scrumping, that ancient summer tradition.

We are in Denmark again this year, and my daughter has been spending time with family in the countryside, where she’s having metric loads of fun. I look back to my own childhood summers in my grandparents’ farms and can imagine how exciting it must be for her.

Speaking of childhood, isn’t this Oatmeal and Strawberry Popsicle the perfect summer treat? Yes, it is.

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Carambola (Star Fruit) and Serrano Ham Saladspon-post

As a denizen of this little tropical corner of the world, I am very spoiled when it comes to fruits. We have the juiciest, sweetest mangoes, delectable and fragrant papayas, blissfully sweet watermelons, and… well, it’s too long a list to mention. We are also in the unique position to grow fruits that don’t normally grow in the tropics, thanks to Constanza (the Caribbean Refrigerator). Yeah, life is good.

We also have carambola (starfruit).

Compared to mangoes, or bananas, carambolas are a very mild fruit, with only a hint of sweet. It is mostly appreciated for its stunning shape, a case of beauty over form. Eating carambola feels… underwhelming. I love it for decorating drinks though, and whenever I see it in the supermarket I can barely contain myself from buying it. I had to find a good use for this beautiful fruit. Enter Carambola (Starfruit) and Serrano Salad. Why didn’t I think of this before?

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