Translating Dominican Staples into English

As part of our tireless quest to bring Dominican cooking and traditions to as international an audience as possible, we do face the occasional challenge. The language barrier, for one. Most of our terminology is straightforward enough – arroz is rice, habichuelas are beans, café is coffee, and so forth.

But what happens when the food in question is unknown or not that common in the English-speaking world? There may be a word for it in the dictionary, but will readers from outside the DR know what we’re talking about?

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Pork with Vermouth Sauce & Celeriac and Cassava Mashspon-post

Nearly every week for years now I have gone into the kitchen and created something new and unique. Sure, sometimes it was just a matter of tinkering with and writing a recipe created centuries before I was born, but there’s always my touch in it. I set the table and present the food in its best light: natural, approachable, beautiful. Then I let my guests in with a bit of trepidation: Will they like it?

You, my lovely reader, are one of those guests.

Few things stop me from this ritual-come-job-description. Few things can, I love this, after all.  And this week I decided to serve more than the usual one dish, and share a lovely, simple dinner with you: a mixture of our beloved classics and a touch of elegance. You too will love this Pork with Vermouth Sauce served with Celeriac and Cassava Mash

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My Dominican Food - Visual Artist Iris Pérez

As part of our long-running series My Dominican Food, interviews with interesting people from the arts and culture, and their impressions of Dominican cuisine, Aunt Ilana brings us the words of Dominican artist Iris Perez.

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Coconut rice pudding brûlée

In most countries of the world March 8th is marked as International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate women, and particularly for some of us, the ones that have influenced us.

What better dish to treat with you than an adaptation of my mom’s classic arroz con leche? I have added coconut to my mom’s rice pudding, and added a bit of French flair for a dish that is simple, yet refined: Coconut rice pudding brûlée.

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Celeriac, spinach and cheese casserole

My hate of summer is abundantly documented in our blog.

OK, hate might be too strong a word, dislike is more like it. I don’t function well in the sweltering heat and humidity we are subjected to for a couple of months in my corner of the world, and I spend all summers  making up dishes that do not require much time spent in the kitchen.

Not anymore, I don’t mind cooking again.

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