Sparkly Pomegranate and Watermelon Limeade

Days have been getting cooler here, and little by little summer is turning into fall. So let’s give summer the sendoff it deserves with this flavorful, refreshing Sparkly Pomegranate and Watermelon Limeade.

The change from summer to fall in these parts of the world is subtle. There are no dramatic changes in the color of the local vegetation, no changing the wardrobe is necessary. But we still feel it just as well, and it may just be me, but there are also subtle changes in our mood.

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Cod Fishcakes

You and your guests will love these juicy Cod Fishballs. Serve with avocado mayo as party food, or with mashed potatoes as dinner.

I have been thinking a lot about traditions lately, and it’s apropos of these Cod Fishcakes that I’d like to leave an idea in your mind. Please humor me…

As anyone who’s ever written about their own country’s traditional food finds out, there’ll soon be controversy over the definition of “traditional”, and what it comprises. This is something that we ourselves have poured much virtual ink into, and the source of many a controversy.

Like the description at the top of our blog reads, we certainly write about traditional Dominican culinary culture, but ultimately, this is a personal blog, we write about the food we love (which usually connect us back to our beloved half-island), but it’s also about our adventures, in and outside of the kitchen.

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Handmade Towel Set for Kids

Handmade Towel Set for Kids

I don’t like bath rugs, I find them a bit unhygienic.  Instead we use “floor towels”, or whatever the name is. We wash them every time we do laundry, and they seem to last at least a couple of years, if not more (we rotate them).

Because Nadia’s bathroom is small, our standard-size ones don’t fit, so I made her towel rugs with some old towels that were otherwise headed for the trash bin, and with some new towels (I could have bought the fabric by the yard too) I made her matching hand towels and a bathrobe. It makes for a lovely handmade towel set for kids, perfect for gifting.

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Back to School Snack Ideas

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Schoolspon-post

We’re back to school! Notice I say “we”, because as every parent knows, school is as much work for the parents as it is for the kids.

Parents everywhere figuratively pull their hair out each morning trying to come up with ideas that appeal to their sprogs, foods that are relatively easy to prepare, and preferably do not take too much time of our already cramped mornings. It isn’t the first time we write about this, but we’d like to give you some more ideas in time to ship your kids back to school.

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Easy Rice and Quail Eggs Saladspon-post

Often the lunches that our kids prefer are not necessarily the best or most nutritious. We have to balance their tastes with what’s good for them. I have found that the easiest way to negotiate with them is to involve them in the preparation.

You may think that a dish that includes the words “salad” and “healthy” in its description will be the subject of protests and nose-flinching by the little ones. It doesn’t have to be so, get them involved in the making of this colorful Easy Rice and Quail Eggs Salad for Kids and your kids will be singing its praises.

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