It’s a jungle out there

Amazingly, even after more than two years of living here, I hadn’t ventured into the small forrest in front of where  we live. There is a good reason for that: My husband is frequently out of the country for work and I would not do it on my own, or alone with Nadia.
It is not that there are any dangerous animals there, or any dangerous things (aside from the infrequent dog poop), nor is it unsafe. It’s because I have an unmatched talent for getting lost. I have no sense of direction whatsoever. If I were to go into a patch of forrest the size of a few city blocks, I might as well decide to explore the Amazon on my own.
It would have been pretty embarrassing if they had to send a rescue team for me, and I was 100 meters from home.
Saturday we took a walk into the forest.

I managed to lose the cover of one of my lenses (grrr!). I found out when I got home, and by then Nadia was too tired to walk back, so I went back alone and retraced my steps as far as I could go without fearing getting lost.  I didn’t find it. It’s hard to find something flat and black there. :( Now I am off to eBay to see if I can score a cheap replacement. Oh well! Bo made it up to me by firing up the grill and taking charge of dinner. He’s a good guy, he is. Best husband I ever had.

There’s no school again this Monday (sweet lazy life in Paradise, what’s not to love?), so our weekend continues.

We also got new neighbors. We’ve briefly met, but have barely introduced ourselves. I’ll see what I can do about that this week. Any suggestions on a nice welcome gesture for the neighbors? Perhaps an invitation for coffee? A bottle of wine (no idea if they drink)? Batch of cookies? Brass band?


  1. Wow – love those photos, especially the spider! I'll have to ask the boy what kind of spider it is – he's crazy about spiders at the moment and seems to be able to identify them at the drop of a hat!

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