Isn’t that beautiful?

It’s a Dumb Bird. I kid you not. That is its name (Pajaro Bobo in Spanish), or more accurately Hispaniola Lizard Cuckoo, and we shared an apartment once.

I am not a real city girl. I was born in a small town, but lived most of my life in a pretty big city, nature became “exotic” to me. When we moved to the last apartment we sold I couldn’t be more pleased, despite living in a pent-house we were surrounded by trees and birds.

The Dumb Bird had made a home of the window ledge in our bedroom even before we bought the apartment. He (he was a boy) was a pretty quiet fella, except for the times he’d catch a lizard and would come “home” and smear our windows with blood. Ugh!

We still liked him. As roommates go, we could do worse than having to clean the occasional bloodstains.

This little yellow thing made a habit of getting trapped upstairs in our old apartment. Or perhaps it was also a Larsson fan.

I have to admit that if one takes to bird-watching, doing it from the comfort of home is the way to go. But  I wasn’t into bird-watching, I was just amazed at the variety of birds around me, even living in a noisy city. My friend gave me a book about birds of the island so I could identify my subjects. I wasn’t very good at it though, but I sure loved taking pictures, at times stretching the capacity of my telephoto.

Imagine my joy when we moved to our new home and I get to have a small patch of jungle in front of our home (emphasis on “small”, it’s the size of a few city blocks). It is full of birds and the not-infrequent swarm of butterflies, so I get back to stalking my feathered neighbors.

To keep things in balance, sometimes nature decides to annoy me. Or invade our home.

Yesterday morning I come back from taking Nadia to school and hear a ruckus upstairs, never a good sign when you are supposed to be alone.

This was it.

Why yes, when going upstairs to confront a possible intruder I arm myself with a camera. This tells you two things: one, I feel pretty safe here, and two, the feathered-one was not the only birdbrain in the room.

Einstein here had gotten inside through the open window and was trying to exit through the close windows. Just like in those commercials.

It was obvious that Birdbrain had been going at it for a long time (I hadn’t been upstairs for hours), and it was very stressed, judging by the feces smeared all over the windowsill and on the TV.

Sorry if I gave you nightmares, I know I wasn’t happy about the situation either. I finally managed to get the bird to leave once I opened the window, and went on to cleaning the mess. Good times, good times.

This “living close to nature” thing can be a pain in the tuckus.

Aunt Clara


  1. Thanks new friends and visitors. Make yourself at home.@ AmityI must confess I am not really much of a poetry fan, and I read "20 poemas de amor…" because it was a school assignment, but now I am curious about that one.

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