Baby, I got the blues

Today I was supposed to post instructions to my Summer-Breeze Camisole. As it turns out, something that is very simple, and makes perfect sense in my head is not necessarily so easy to convey. Instead I am going to make another camisole so I can take pictures of all the steps. 

And speaking of my camisole, I don’t know if you have noticed an slight obsession I have with the color blue. I noticed that a lot of the pictures I post have at least a speck of blue, whereas other colors, such as orange (with which I once had an obsession too) have almost completely disappeared from my palette. What’s with that?

Here are some of my favorite blues in photos I’ve taken (not necessarily for the blog).

Neptune at the PuntaCana 2010 carnival

Beach in PuntaCana
Water droplets
Montecristi church and clock
Playa Blanca at PuntaCana
Copenhagen sky
Woodpeckers on the roof next door
Dolphins at Ocean World
Toddler Nadia in Blue
Morir Soñando (To Die Dreaming). Dominican non-alcoholic drink
Playa Rincon, Samana

My canvas shoes
Belgian winter sky
Nadia in PuntaCana (before we even thought of moving here)
Some of my blue photos on the wall.
Do you have any favorite colors at the moment? Which ones?
Have a great weekend, “have a lot of fun and spend little”, as we Dominicans say. It seems like we’ll continue to have very high temperatures around here, so hopefully I won’t melt during the weekend. You’ll find out on Monday. :)
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  • Abby July 8, 2010, 1:40 PM

    I kinda had noticed your blue thing. I'm all over that colour, too. And you are totally a trendsetter. Pantone should definitely hire you :)

  • Clara July 6, 2010, 5:18 PM

    Turquoise, and every blue that has a bit of green are my favorites. I have been digging turquoise for a while now, even before it became "color of the year". Finally I am a trendsetter on something.

  • Anji* July 2, 2010, 10:49 AM

    Beautiful photos.. and blues. I love blues too, especially the turquoise and cyan (I even named my daughter for them!) shades which you are also so fond of. I also love all shades of purple.. and green..