Blue top and skirt (free pattern inside)

Blue top and skirt (free pattern inside)

Laura is Nadia’s best friend. Or more accurately, her twin sister born to another mother. They are inseparable, and their personalities are very much alike. Like Nadia, Laura is a girly-girl, only more so.

When I sewed Nadia’s new summer duds, Nadia requested demanded I sewed some for Laura too. It’s not strange for her to want to share everything with Laura. Since Laura’s birthday was approaching, this seemed like the perfect thing to give Nadia’s BFF.  It’s a very simple and incredibly cute top and skirt that is fairly easy to make for anyone with sewing experience. This is Nadia modeling Laura’s new outfit. And what do you know, this time I did draw a pattern!

Now, about the patterns:

Blue top and skirt (free pattern inside)

In order to keep the post a manageable size, I will post instructions for the skirt today, and tomorrow I will post the pattern for the top. Deal?

Please keep in mind that there is more than one way to skin a cat (And then what? What do you do with a skinned cat?), a skilled seamstress can figure this out in two seconds flat, but I am just a beginner-amateur, so please forgive me if I seem to be explaining the obvious. And since this is the first pattern I’ll share, I expect that it might need some explanation, so go ahead and shoot. I’ll try to explain it as best I can.

For the skirt I made a universal “pattern” (more like a set of instructions). It can be adapted for children of all ages by changing the measurements.

Please remember I was trained to draw bolts, screws and industrial stuff. This is my pitiful attempt at writing instructions for a skirt. Not something we touched in university.

I used half a yard for the top and the bottom piece of the skirt, and half a yard of the plain blue fabric. My daughter is 4 years and 10 months old. She’s average size and weight. I have no idea how much fabric you’ll need, but you can calculate using the instructions above.

These are some photos to see some parts of the skirt in detail:

Blue top and skirt (free pattern inside)

Above is a detail of the casing for the elastic band. The elastic band is encased in a simple folded-over hem. I wrote the instructions so you fold twice before sewing, as most amateurs don’t have an overcast machine.

And speaking of which, where I call for serging, do whatever you normally do to finish your edges. The skirt has no bottom hem, I left the serged edge exposed. Do what you want here. A simple hem would do too.

Blue top and skirt (free pattern inside)

This is probably the most obscure part of my instruction: joining the two pieces from different fabrics. This is what it looks like from inside.

Blue top and skirt (free pattern inside)

And this is how it looks on the outside.

So there. Luckily I don’t expect to ever make a living out of writing patterns. A good thing, I am aware I suck at it. Things make sense in my head, but somehow the message gets garbled on the way out. I still hope this is helpful to somebody.

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  • karen c November 26, 2013, 3:42 PM

    can’t wait to see the pattern

  • Clara May 13, 2010, 11:40 PM

    You're welcome Chrissy. Please send me a photo when you do. You can check tomorrow for the other pattern.

  • Chrissy May 13, 2010, 4:24 PM

    Lovely! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern! I may have to make a set for my own girls soon! Thanks again!