(Semi) Urban Safari

We live right in front of a chunk of jungle. A small natural reserve, to be exact.  And although there aren’t any animals bigger than chicken (chicken being the biggest residents) we come across some nifty small wildlife. These are some of them.

This is a frequent visitor in our apartment. We call him “Lizard”. I know, I know, we are really creative people.

Isn’t he handsome? He loves sunbathing on top of our rooftop terrace solar lights. The fact that he probably eats mosquitoes makes him  even more dear to us (It’s a him, I am sure. If I learned anything from all those Disney “documentaries” is that female animals all have long, flirty eyelashes).

Other frequent visitors, of the winged variety, are these two dunderheads, I mean woodpeckers.

They have decided that if they try hard, and make an insane amount of noise, they’ll be able to make holes in the concrete walls of doom. For a second there it made me doubt the theory of evolution, but then I remembered that concrete walls weren’t around when these winged morons evolved. They are pretty though, I give them that.
More tales of encounters with the local fauna, and flora will be posted as they happen.
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