My new baby

My new baby - Nikon D7000

I have a new camera!

My dslr is a 5 year old model, ancient in digital cameras time. It is a good, solid camera, but it was time to get another one, one with video capability. I got my new baby on Monday, but it wasn’t until Tuesday that I had a chance to use it. With a new, very modern camera comes the reminder that more resolution only makes bigger pictures, not better pictures. I am still the same lousy photographer I was on Sunday.

I really didn’t have much time to do anything with it. Bummer. There is also the fact that with each new camera changes are made to the position of buttons, menus change, functions change. The basics still remains the same, but there is a learning curve (and probably some cussing).

My new baby - Nikon D7000

Video is not my medium, but I will learn. I haven’t even tried to figure where to switch on the video mode is yet. I suppose I’ll have an idea when I finish reading the 300 page-long manual.

The only bad thing about the new camera is that it is significantly heavier than my old one. Not a good thing for when I am traveling, as I usually lug around all my lenses and a couple of flashes with me. Next time I’ll leave some of that stuff at home before I get a herniated disk or something.

My new baby - Nikon D7000

So there, I was going to post something else today, but I am giddy today, like a girl with a new camera.

What camera do you have? It’ll be interesting to know what people do with what they have.

Aunt Clara


  1. Your new baby takes excellent photos for one so young.. ;o)And.. 'Newer & More advanced' aren't normally found in the same sentence as 'CHEAPER'.. so well done.I still have my 35mm Minolta dynax 300Si with an extra Cosina 100/300 zoom lens. I confess I haven't used it in forever.. but I could never part with it.Now I'm a Fuji Finepix girl. Started with the 500, then the 1000 and now a 1500.. [1600 next I think] I am miffed though 'cos Fuji's used to take both sd and xd memory cards which was one of the resaons I liked them.. but now you can only use an sd… not happy.Jo xx

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