Samaná – The Land of “Green” Ginger

Ginger - jengibre

La ruta del jengibre – the ginger trail – is one of several ecological and agricultural community tourism initiatives dotted across the Dominican Republic.

The idea is to create a tourist attraction based on a local economic activity – in this case the organic ginger crop in the outstanding setting of the Las Galeras/El Rincon area of the Samaná peninsula. In this way the local people become involved in tourism on their own terms, and benefit directly.

Ginger from Samana

Visitors can come and see how ginger is cultivated and walk along special scenic trails, accompanied by local guides who are trained by the Las Galeras based Guariquen community project, funded by Italian governmental and non-governmental organizations. Visitors get the chance to spend time with local people and see how they live and work, and most importantly – sample local food.

Guariquen has also found a way of exporting the ginger to Germany, and they are in the process of obtaining organic and fair trade certification.

Ginger tea

Ginger appears in several Dominican recipes: Te de jengibre is a delicious and soothing tea that also has medicinal properties. It is said to aid digestion and benefit the respiratory system.

Desserts like Pan de batata also use ginger as a key ingredient.

Some non-traditional uses include adding ginger to Crema de auyama for an extra kick. The folks at Guariquen also make a simple grated carrot salad with ginger, lime juice and salt, and a spicy ginger candy.

In other parts of the country there are similar ‘trails’ based on other traditional crops like mangoes, coffee and cacao and we hope to feature them in the future.

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  • Jeff Rodier February 23, 2011, 1:55 PM

    I wish that this was closer to Puerto Plata and Susua! May need to make that my next visit!

  • Aunt Clara February 22, 2011, 4:33 PM

    Tus palabras me llenan de alegría. Esta es la razón por la que hacemos esto.

  • zunilda smith February 22, 2011, 10:20 AM

    Estoy enamorada de nuevo, me siemto muy feliz de re encontrar y revivir los sabores de mi pais, despues de estar 16 anios lejos habia olvidado tantas cosa buenas, gracias por conservar la esencia y autenticidad de nuestra cosina y permitirnos a traves de esta pagina volver a mi infancia.