Work space for a small kid

My daughter loves crafts. She loves drawing, painting, and other crafty things. She also needed a space for doing her homework.

Until recently she had a chair and table we bought when she was a baby, she had outgrown it. It was time for a dedicated space for her homework and crafts. A little spot that was organized, easy for her to organize and inspiring.

After much searching online (no chance of getting that locally), including my favorite online spots, and being open to buying a used one, even if it needed re-painting or minor repairs, we fell back on trusty old Amazon. There I found this beauty:

Via our Amazon Store

It was just perfect. My list of requirements was pretty short. I wanted a set, no “kiddy look”, under 200 dollars, and with space to organize her things. This set had that and much more. A shelf? That I don’t have to drill into the walls of doom? Love it! A corkboard?  Fantastic! And the transitional style with no trace of multi-colored kiddy paint. Love was in the air. I loved the looks and I loved its functionality. The fact that it had free shipping (two-day free shipping for us Prime Members) just sweetened the deal ever more.

That it turned out to be very well-built and still easy to assemble was just the topping on the cake.

But c’mon, you knew I wasn’t just going to leave it at that, didn’t you?

A fat quarter of a beautiful fabric from the fantastic collection Flights of Fancy, Ocean Fabric by Paula Prass (we must talk about that again soon), and some scrap left over from another project, a bit of piping and this sweet chair got a cushion that screamed “little girl!” without an iota of the dreaded pink.
To keep all her little doodads organized, I got two really cheap plastic trays with lids at the local hardware store (Karin, if you are in the area, they have different sizes. Here’s a similar one) and re-covered some really ugly old gift boxes with some pretty papers from my stash and some Mod Podge. The letters I had bought when she was born but never got around to use them. They were also covered in paper and “Mod-Podged”.
I covered a piece of cardboard cut to size with white and blue papers, and topped with clear adhesive vinyl for some really inexpensive desk pad (the vinyl was a leftover from the start of the school year when I bought it for covering books). An empty can of peanuts covered in paper and more Mod Podge (what would I do without it?) serves as a pencil holder. The little lamp was missing a shade and had been lying around for years without a purpose. It found a home on Nadia’s desk after I made a shade for it (like in this other project). 
You will notice that she already had a corkboard, but with kids pumping out “art” like they are Pollock on acid, an extra corkboard is just perfect to hang their masterpieces and keep our fridges art-free. Just like the gods of refrigeration intended. Or so they tell me when they speak to me in my sleep. 
The whole thing came down to less than the 200 dollars I had originally allocated to it. And that included the extra shipping to our little corner of the world. Sweet!

UPDATE: Check her bedroom after the newest makeover.

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  • Clara July 2, 2010, 4:12 AM

    We are not alone, trust me.BTW, did you know that a photo of my daughter appears in an Australian book about feminism? True story.Now you know something else for a game of Trivial Pursuit-Who the Hell are These People?! Edition. :)

  • Anonymous July 2, 2010, 3:22 AM

    "that screamed "little girl!" without an iota of the dreaded pink."If I wasn't sold before, I'm yours now. I have two girls, love things in vibrant colours, but I hate pink dominating everything. Let girls have their own personalities, not be burdened with prearranged sterotypes. My children are firstly kids, secondly girls. Not the other way around. I'm in Melbourne, Australia, and you'd think you'd be able to buy non-pink things here for kids …. think again, sigh.