Something’s cooking!

Something's cooking!

Something is always cooking in Aunt Clara’s Kitchen, but if you have been here for a while you may have noticed a new thing or two. Some much more obvious than others. Not only have we made some significant changes to the structure and concept of this blog, there are also some other changes coming soon.

Can you please let me walk you through them?

The most significant one is that you can see now two new links in our main manu, corresponding to two new sections in our blog: “Home” and “Life”. What is that?

Well, this is a personal blog, and although Dominican cuisine is, and always will be, the main subject about which we blog, the fact is that we have always written about other things: Other countries’ foods, travel, health, photography, environment, Dominican culture and just plain ol’ shooting the breeze. A whole lot of these posts were here already, but due to some sloppy organizing on my part there was no way to access them. Now they are all nicely classified for your convenience.

But all of a sudden we have nearly 200 “new” posts in addition to the regular ones. This is because I had a fairly popular blog in which I wrote about my adventures in homemaking, crafting, decorating our home on a budget and more shooting the breeze. I had that blog very neglected and thought something needed to be done. After I flew a trial balloon in our Spanish blog, and introduced a “Home” section with some of this content, it turned out that people not only didn’t mind, they loved it! That gave me the last push to merge my other blog with this. A lot was left behind, because, sadly, it didn’t fit here. But the vast majority of the posts now sit between these two new sections. I will add to them with some frequency, but food will still be the main subject here.

Something's cooking!

Another change? Our blog banner. With the change in concept I decided to make our blog’s name more prominent. Don’t worry, our domain is and will still be, but now, for the convenience of people who are not familiar with our blog, the domain also points to this one. It serves no other purpose but to help people with short memories. I know a thing or two about short memories… but I forgot.

And just because we loved it, I added the Ziplist recipe box to our blogs. Now when you click on the “Save Recipe” link in each recipe, you will be forwarded to your recipe box, where you can save recipes from this and many other very popular food blogs. Whenever you want to go back to your recipe box click on “Your Recipes” on the topmost menu (green bar).

One of the things I love about our work for the last couple of years is that not only are we reaching the people we always wanted to (Dominicans abroad and at home, people who love Dominican food), but we are also reaching people that had never heard of our country or food before! It’s an amazing thing to witness.

A few things are still a bit hinky, moving 200+ posts and cleaning them is no easy feast, it will take me months to finish, but they are perfectly usable now, and I hope you go around checking what’s new. We are always trying to improve things, hopefully we did. So please make yourself at home.

I would LOVE to hear your opinions. Did you notice the changes? Have you been exploring?

Aunt Clara


  1. Sandra Paez

    Love all of the changes you’ve done. Your site is like a breath of fresh air with new ideas, recipes, tips, crafts… you name it. I enjoy it very much. Job well done!!!

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